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Release time: Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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On the afternoon of June 4, a bulk carrier from Capesize spontaneously ignited in Italy.

It is reported that on the afternoon of June 4(local time),a bulk carrier, NBA VAN GOGH, was spontaneously ignited when it was docked at the Torres Port Industrial Area in Sardinia, Italy.The bulk carrier was loaded with coal.

According to the report, the ship continued to unload coal after berthing on May 30.And when it spontaneously ignited, there are about 66,000 tons of coal still loaded on the ship.
The firefighters stated that the fire had been extinguished.On the 4th night, the firefighters were monitoring the temperature successfully.

It is understood that the "NBA VAN GOGH" was a  bulk carrier which can contain 95,110 dwt goods. It was built in 2013,and it is a Panamanian ship  operated and managed by the Japanese MC SHIPPING company.
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