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Release time: Sunday, June 12, 2016
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China's shipping industry, the first round of the two giants China Ocean and the first restructuring of the dust settled. The focus of the current round of restructuring is the integration of container transport, oil and gas transport and bulk transport three plates.

Central, this is an inevitable action China economy to go out and The Belt and Road national strategy; on the local, has brought the new opportunity to reshuffle the reorganization of central enterprises to local interests. So, after the reorganization of the several major business segments were spent on who?
Reported that after the reorganization of COSCO Shipping (Headquarters) registered address for the Shanghai free trade zone. Three plate, container and shipping business headquarters whispering Shanghai, bulk business headquarters were Guangzhou won.
The report delivered at least some of the information:
1 central enterprises to move, Shenzhen, Shanghai may be the biggest winner
Beijing, the capital of non core functions to ease the district headquarters of the central enterprises to move out of Beijing is not just a slogan.
Prior to the reorganization, China COSCO headquarters in Beijing, China Shipping headquarters in Shanghai, the reorganization of the new headquarters in Shanghai, Shanghai, to prove the advantages of the central enterprises to undertake the headquarters. Beijing, Shanghai is China's largest shipping center city, to undertake the largest shipping companies in China, but also an adaptation of the market rules.
In addition to China Ocean, another central enterprises giant - China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., said it would also move to the headquarters of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is the most developed city in China's electronic information industry, the Chinese electronics moved to Shenzhen, but also can be seen as a kind of market rules to adapt.
In addition to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen is also the national economic center city, in infrastructure, financing channels, preferential policies, talent reserves, the level of internationalization, have great advantages, there is reason to believe the two cities will be the biggest winner of the central enterprises to move.
2 Guangzhou, why did Tianjin win Dalian, Shanghai?
Prior to the reorganization, COSCO bulk business headquarters in Tianjin, the container business headquarters in Shanghai, the tanker business headquarters in Dalian, the special boat service put in Guangzhou. For the sea, the registered headquarters and container operations are in Shanghai, bulk cargo business is in Guangzhou. So after the reorganization, Shanghai and Guangzhou are the biggest winners, Tianjin and Dalian, it can not help but appear somewhat lost.
Prior to media reports said, the same as the port city of Tianjin and Guangzhou in the competitive bidding headquarters. Tianjin has long been a "base camp", with large dry bulk port, terminal facilities. In addition, Tianjin in preferential investment conditions behaved very positive. I hope these companies in the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone "settled".
This is the reason why Tianjin has been more optimistic. But the report also revealed that the Guangzhou side of the strategy is more positive, they just tell COSCO, Guangzhou will meet any conditions provided by other cities." There is no doubt that in this round of competition for the central enterprises headquarters, Guangzhou to show the kind of rare in the past the kind of potential in the determination and execution.
Of course, there are also the industry analysts said that last year's bombing in Tianjin Binhai New Area may also in some extent influence the bid this time, after the reorganization of the new headquarters may have some question of Tianjin in the public security management level.
The center of gravity of the 3 China shipping business is south?
Worthy of note is that China's shipping business is the monopoly of four companies, COSCO, China shipping, China Merchants, Sinotrans. The first two are integrated into COSCO, headquartered in Shanghai, is China Merchants Chinese Sinotrans integration, with its headquarters in Hongkong.
This means that the entire Yangtze River to the North has not been a shipping company. Shipping central enterprises is not only the business of the fleet, there are a large scale of the port business, for example, COSCO and China Merchants, the two major companies basically shares the domestic investment and operation of all the port city. Therefore, the central enterprises in the shipping of the south, the southern port city of operation is also a good.
This may be an important signal transmission, that is the whole China shipping business center.
In the past 10 years, with the energy industry and the heavy industry is booming, have strong growth in the northern port city of throughput, but this year the situation is changed, the northern city of common traditional manufacturing industries with excess capacity, the predicament of the decline, and the proportion of energy industry and traditional manufacturing industry City in the South low, a higher proportion of light industry and advanced manufacturing industry, in a certain extent avoid pains to capacity, structural adjustment.
This may also be an important consideration in the shipping central enterprises to move southward.
4 central enterprises settled in Guangzhou, which can get the benefit?
Some people may say, after the reorganization of the COSCO and its business focus will be placed on the container transport and tanker business, bulk cargo transport additional low value and dilemma facing the global freight business downturn. These two years, the main port city of domestic freight volume growth is weak, but the container shipping is still maintained a high growth trend, is an example. Moreover, COSCO, China shipping two or a loss of the main.
However, after the reorganization of the bulk cargo transport business in the capacity of the world's first ranking, Guangzhou is able to have such a world's first shipping company, is still very worthy of celebration. In Guangzhou, the first in the world in the bulk shipping headquarters, bring Guangzhou is not only very considerable revenue and GDP data, may also will lead to a huge industrial chain, such as shipbuilding, ship repair, financing and leasing industry characteristics.
Moreover, the loss of the central enterprises is not subsidized by local government. More important is that the central enterprises sits, is the embodiment of the right of discourse, which on the construction of Guangzhou international shipping center is a confidence.
Of course, compared to Shanghai, Guangzhou to obtain positive positive.
5 in addition to COSCO Shipping, Guangzhou also get what the central enterprises to be settled down?
Probably from the beginning of last year, Guangzhou in the headquarters of the economy seems to have been Shenzhen pressure a head, but if you read more newspapers, watch less rumors should aware of Guangzhou in attracting the headquarters of enterprises also have a lot of achievements.
Here is a brief list of the information disclosed in the newspaper:
In addition to COSCO Shipping freight headquarters, Nansha District, Guangzhou has introduced in international headquarters building, China Railway Construction Headquarters of the south, of group regional headquarters and other projects, the French L'Oreal production and R & D base has been put into operation.
In addition to the central enterprises, Guangzhou last year to build the a so-called "Pazhou business headquarters", attracted to Ali, Tencent, the only product such as the Internet giant's settled. Not only that, Guangzhou is also attracted to Wanda sports global headquarters, DG South headquarters, the first two months also with the U.S. technology giant CISCO in hand success.
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