Davies Turner boosted by lifting of Iranian sanctions | Sowoll

Release time: Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Freight forwarder Davies Turner is slowly seeing improvements in its volumes to and from Iran following the lifting of sanctions.

The UK-based company first established its Tehran office in the country in the mid-1960s and has maintained a presence since then.

The company said its market knowledge and understanding of local rules and regulations had positioned it well to capitalise on the lifting of sanctions.

Davies Turner group chairman Philip Stephenson said: “Progress is slow but sure and we are carrying progressively more freight each and every month, not just to and from the UK, but cross trade involving many other countries too.

“50 years ago, Iran was seen as the most up and coming economy in the Middle East. Events in the late 1970s turned out very differently. But there has been enough trade over the intervening years to justify Davies Turner’s continued presence there.

“The ending of sanctions is unleashing the country’s productivity and merchant traditions, boosting Anglo-Iranian trade.”

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