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Release time: Saturday, May 07, 2016
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 Shanghai International Shipping Research Center (SISI) latest survey shows that the deteriorating business environment of China's port enterprises in the second quarter of this year or have been warmer, the small port enterprises are expected to recover.

Research Center predicted that in the second quarter of this year, the port enterprise climate index will rise 20.23 to 99.27, slightly less than 100 - the reaction industry boom or not of the demarcation point.
According to the index, the small port enterprises is expected in the second quarter to pick up, boom index is expected to reached 115 (more the economy), while the large port enterprises is still in a relatively stagnant, predictions were made for 90.91 and 98.82.
Haven enterprise profit rate may recovery in the second quarter, operating costs or declined, throughput and berth utilization rate of increase or promote the profitability of the business climate index reached 101.27 points. This is very positive trend of commercial development.
The global port development research center report predicts that in the "The Belt and Road" initiative, the Asia Europe trade is gradually restored, reduce the increase of commodity demand prompted the Asia Europe trade cost.
At home, the development of export container transportation and the proportion of regional commodity trade is expected to promote the steady growth of China port, and the container throughput Chinese annual growth rate remained above 3%.


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