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Release time: Wednesday, May 04, 2016
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 Last week, dry bulk index rose driven in the Baltic Sea, the shipping industry collective rose sharply, once the shipping magnate of dryships on Thursday appeared rose more than 50%, so investors speechless. The last time this event could be traced back to three years ago.

So crazy shipping stocks in the previous article, "the 7 year cycle, the aviation industry will reproduce the legendary" in the shipping industry has advanced analysis and forecast. This is a continuous rise, it is likely to open a new chapter in the shipping sector rose.
If this year earlier shipping stocks rose is just the oversold bounce, then this time rise is more solid. In addition to the shipping index rose, provide the basic demand stronger revival of oil and commodity prices for shipping industry. The integration of the shipping industry is nearing completion, steady improvement in the large shipping group and the shipping alliance will help the shipping price.
Up to now, the shipping index BDI is still below 1000 points, and in 1985 when the index was founded in the starting point is 1000 points. That is to say, the BDI index is far above the line back to the ups and downs. In some sense, the rise and fall of the shipping index is also closely related to oil and commodities. Oil and commodities have stabilized at present, but also to the shipping industry's investors have more reasons to do more.
Compared to the superior aviation stocks in the industry, is the integration of the shipping industry is undoubtedly a value of depression. Once upon a time, aviation industry is Warren Buffett as "death trap", and has repeatedly in the general meeting of shareholders said that the aviation industry is a high degree of homogeneity competition low value-added labor-intensive industries.
In the recent five years, the aviation industry's performance is impressive. Compared with the post crisis lows a few times or let investors feel unbelievable. It can be said that if the cyclical industry can catch the correct rhythm, the rate of return on investment can even be comparable with technology stocks.
The shipping industry is likely to be the industry with this opportunity next. At present the main commodities demand, emerging market countries in the short term growth bottlenecks, and the worst case seems to be the past. These countries are in stock market rebound. With so many signals, shipping stocks rise will not too much controversy, let us wait "Laxia and solitary duck soar".
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