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Port of Vienna, the largest Austrian river port as well as one of the largest ports on the Danube River, has a total annual traffic capacity of around 12 million tons of cargo.

Owing to an extensive transportation network with integrated municipal, regional and railway systems. Public transport includes buses, trams and 5 underground lines. The city becomes the heart of the Austrian railway system which avails routes to all parts of the country and other European cities like Munich, Venice and Budapest. Vienna is also served by Vienna International Airport located 18 km southeast of the city center .

Port Area:
Development: Port of Vienna handled 12 million tons of cargo and 323,000 TEU's in 2007, making itself the busiest cargo and container port in the country as well as one of the largest in Central Europe.

Lying within a transition of oceanic climate and humid subtropical climate, Vienna features an oceanic climate. It has warm summers with high temperatures averaging between 24 and 33°C, while winters are dry and cold with average temperatures at about freezing point. Throughout the year, precipitation is moderate with an average of 550 mm annually.

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