SOYO introduction:

Port of Soyo is subdivided into three areas. The first one was granted to the industrial Kwanda Base lda handling most of port activities. The second one is the private terminal of Petromar handling oil and gas related cargoes. The third one is 300 meters long and is under the management of the commercial port of Soyo. The maximum draft is 7.30 mts.

Peripheral Cities: 
Port of Soyo is about 316, 701 and 827 km from Luanda, Lobito and Huambo within Angola, 82, 383, 933, 1112 km respectively from Boma, Kinshasa, Tshikapa and Kananga of DR Congo, and 159 and 384 km respectively from Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville in Congo.

ANGOLA LNG terminal collects all natural gas from the oilfields offshore and purifies, liquefies and stores it in view of export.

Soyo is featured with a tropical savanna climate which has a monthly mean temperature above 18°C in every month of the year and typically a dry season. The driest month has precipitation of less than 60mm.

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