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The Port of Skikda, located near the mouth of the Wadi Safsaf on the Gulf of Stora on Algeria’s northeastern Mediterranean coast. It was known as Philippeville before Algeria gained independence in the year of 1962. It is the third busiest commercial port in Algeria owning a petrochemical terminal port plus a fishing port.

Imports to east and southeastern Algeria are transported via the Port which plays the role as a major distribution center. The main road starting from Skikda is the N3 to El Arrouch, Constantine, Batna, Biskra and Touggourt. There are also other smaller local roads leading to the towns of Stora, Beni Bechir, Bissy and Azzabe, and El Mersa and Chetaibi. Skikda is the end of the Constantine-Skikda railway. 

The port has been an important outlet for oil coming from the Hassi Messaoud fields. It is also an export point for agricultural and mineral goods from the Safsaf Valley and the region around. Sardine fishing and canning companies count on the Port for business.

Skikda has a Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters but fairly warm, dry summers.

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