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Port of Rosario, an inland port and a major shipping hub of Argentina, is located in the city of Rosario in Santa Fe province and on the western shore of Paraná River, about 550 km upstream from Atlantic Ocean.
Cargoes from other areas of Argentina is taken into the Port by railway of the Nuevo Central Argentino communicating with Córdoba and Zárate, Buenos Aires Province as well as multiple national and provincial roads and highways that converge in Rosario. The Rosario International Airport has also been renovated to work with cargo traffic.

The Port of Rosario has been under management of ENAPRO since 1994 which grants concessions to private companies. But the concession was revoked in 2000. Then in 2002 a new company, Terminal Puerto Rosario S.A., was given the concession of Terminals 1 and 2 of the port for a few decades. In 2005 a relevant governmental agency ordered the beginning of works to dredge the Paraná which would allow for cargo vessels of up to 50,000 tonnes. The first stage was completed in August 2006.
Port Desire has a cold semi-arid climate with mild, warm summers and cold winters.

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