PUERTO DESEADO introduction:

Port Desire is also known as Puerto Deseado. It is a city of around 15,000 residents and as well as a fishing port on the estuary of the Deseado River. The port has a medium size and limited repairs for ships, but the shelter of it is good. The maximum draft is 8.2 m. The Port is located on the northeast of Santa Cruz and to the south of the entrance of the Gulf of San Jorge. It is specially characterized by locating on the north coast of the mouth of Ría Deseado. It also serves as the starting point of most of exports.

Peripheral Cities:
Talking about the cities nearby, the Port is respectively 1191 km from Bariloche, 2099 km Buenos Aires, 1044 km Calafate, 285 km Comodoro Rivadavia, 876 km Esquel, 501 km Los Antiguos, 1370 km Neuquén, 421 km Perito Moreno, 661 km Rawson, 741 km Río Gallegos, 1519 km Río Grande, 1367 km Santa Rosa, 1140 km Viedma and 1336 km Ushuaia respectively.

The town enjoyed the freight railway running from Las Heras to Puerto Deseado via Pico Truncado until 1976.

Port Desire, named after Thomas Cavendish’s ship, later became known by Puerto Deseado, the Spanish translation. The town nowadays has a couple of squares, a former railway station and two museums. The coast presents spectacular scenery and colonies of marine wildlife close to the town.

Port Desire has a cold semi-arid climate with mild and warm summers and cold winters. Generally the weather here is between warm and moderate cold. The maximum mean temperature is 21.7℃ while the minimum is -0.2℃. The typical characteristic of these lands are strong winds.

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