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Port of Oran, also known as Port of Wahran, is in the west of the country and in the city of Oran. It is overlooking Mediterranean Sea, considered one of the important ports in trade and marine transportation. As a major commercial harbor, it handles general cargo, containers, petroleum products and so on.

Peripheral Cities:
The Oranian metropolis is comprised of several communes. Mers El-Kébir
is a municipality located in northwest of Oran, about 7 km from the heart of the city. The Port has an important naval base of the Algerian Navy. Aïn El Turk is also located at the northwest of Oran, a seaside town which includes hotels and tourist attractions. Es Sénia, located in the south of Oran, is a region where industrial parks gather and there is also an international airport. Bir El Djir represents the suburbs of Oran. It is the urban extension to the East of Oran, 8 km from the city center. Misserghin is a small city in the Western extreme of the metropolis.

International Airport Es-Senia is 11.9 km from the town center. With frequent connections to the country’s capital Algiers, Oran Es-Senia Airport serves domestic and international flights. It also has flights to many French cities like Marseille, Paris and Lyon and other European and EMEA cities. The Airport also serves passengers from small towns near Oran. Airport services are limited since the Airport does not operate on a 24-hour basis. People could also choose ferries from the ports of Marseilles, Sète, Alicante and Almería, to reach Oran.

Port Area:
Development: Oran has become a major trading center serving Arzew, a oil/gas port, as well as Sonatrach, the country's biggest oil and gas company.

Oran is featured with a semi-arid climate. It shows influences of a Mediterranean climate. However, the city's relatively high average annual temperature plus relatively low annual precipitation precludes it from falling under that climate category. It annually averages 326 mm of precipitation, the bulk of which falls over the period of from November to May next year. Summers are warm, with an average in August approaching 32℃. Winters are coolest in a year.

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