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Port of Namibe is located on South Atlantic Ocean coast with an anchorage depth of 7.1 to 9.1 m. The size of the harbor is small with over 500 feet in length. The Port handles about 200,000 tons annually. Namibe Port Authority is in charge of the port.

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Port of Namibe is the third largest port of Angola regarding movement of cargo. Most of cargoes destined to the southern part of Angola will be discharged at Namibe, then transiting to Lubango, Ondjiva, Menongue and other places.

Namibe is a port connected to Namibe railway line going about 500 km inland towards the iron ore mines where the iron ore is historically exported through the Sacomar terminal at the north end of the bay of Namibe. Namibe is also served by the Namibe Airport located about 7 km to the south of the city.
Damp conditions is prevailing in the south of Namibe. The central plateau zone is dry. The annual precipitation is 2 inches at Namibe.

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