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Port of Bejaia is a Mediterranean port in northeast Algeria. The Port is about 180 km east of Port of Algiers and slightly over 100 km southeast of Port of Dellys. Over 173,000 people lived around Port of Bejaia in 2004.

Peripheral Cities:
Port of Bejaia is 179, 166, 148, 74 and 154 km respectively from Algiers, Batna, Constantine, Setif and El Khroub.

Port Area:
Development: Port of Bejaia nowadays has become a busy export center. Exports vary from iron ore, phosphates, olive oil, wine to cork. Considered to be one of the country's most beautiful cities, Bejaia is not popular for being a tourist destination. The Port is managed by Bejaia Port Authority. Imports of general goods were only 55,000 tons in early 1950s but surged to 4.6 million tons in 2004.

Béjaïa has a Mediterranean climate with very warm, dry summers while mild, wet winters.

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