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The Port of Annaba lies at the mouth of the Wadi Seybouse in northeastern Algeria near the border with Tunisia. Algeria’s fourth largest city and an important industrial center, it is located on a natural harbor in Annaba Province. Known for its wonderful beaches and family-oriented nightlife, most of the city’s tourists come from Italy and France.

Peripheral Cities:
There are a number of places around or close to Annaba. Seraidi is a small village up high in the mountains that surround Annaba. El Caala is a small town about an hour and a half drive east of Annaba. In addition, Annaba is not far from the Tunisian border. A drive to the Tunisian capital, Tunis, takes about four hours.

The Port of Annaba is the main exporter of minerals for the country, ringed by forests, rich farm land, and mines. Annaba is served by an international airport, Rabah Bitat Airport. Annaba has also rail links to the Algerian cities of Constantine and Algiers, and it is the terminus of the Algerian east-west highway.

Port Area:
Development: When Algeria won its independence from France in 1962, it undertook expansions and improvements to the port. New stations were built to handle coal imports and iron and steel exports. A new general-purpose terminal for roll-on/roll-off cargo and containers was opened in 1997. Today, the Port’s old town is near the city center.

Annaba’s Mediterranean climate is characterized by long, hot and dry summers, especially from mid-July to mid-August. On the other hand, this region also has mild and wet winters. Snow is rare but not unknown. Rain is abundant by North African standards and can be torrential.

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