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Port Adelaide is about 14 km northwest of the Adelaide CBD. It is the main port for the city of Adelaide. Port Adelaide is of importance in the formative decades of Adelaide and South Australia since the port was early Adelaide's main supply and information link to the rest of the world.

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Traffic: In 1877, the Port and Le Fevre Peninsula Ferry Co began to transport passengers from the end of Commercial Road to the other side of the river. The ferry stopped operating in 1943, consequent to opening of the Birkenhead Bridge. Rail transport uses the Port Adelaide railway station. The line was closed to enable upgrade work on the line, station and viaduct in late 2009, but re-opened in 2010. Scheduled bus services connect Port Adelaide to much of metropolitan Adelaide. The road portion of the Port River Expressway was completed in 2005, linking Port Adelaide and the Lefevre Peninsula to the northern suburbs of Adelaide, and major interstate routes via Salisbury Highway.

Developer EPC Pacific started construction of an office tower worth $38 million in 2017 on Nelson Street in Port Adelaide that will house public servants.

Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate  with mild to cool winters and warm to hot, dry summers.

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