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Egypt Trade Introduction:

Egypt is the most populous countries in the Middle East and offers a shortcut for ocean shipping between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Regular trade deficits result in limited import of some commodities, especially that of consumer finished products, to protect domestic enterprises and seek to expand export.

Egypt mainly imports machinery, cereals, electric equipment, mineral fuels, plastic and products, wood and products, automobiles, animal feed, etc. Chief exports include mineral fuels (crude oil and products), cotton, ceramic, textile and garment, aluminum and products, steel, cereals and vegetables.

Important Notes about Customs of the Egypt:

When goods are imported into Egypt, owners must go through declaration formalities in person with the customs, or ask agents to exchange documents (import licence required Customs Administration should be submitted timely)。

The overall cargo, including tea and tobacco, is allowed to be stored for free for eight days. An overdue fine is applicable if it is stored for over eight days. The fine accrues. The cargo will be auctioned publicly by the customs if it is unclaimed for over three months.

During the eight days, the cargo can be stored in state-owned or private warehouses for goods with duty unpaid, or in simple cold stores. In these places, it can be kept for 6 months.

Commodities freighted by sea must be packed to stand tough loading and unloading, exposure to the sun and high humidity which requires packing cases waterproof inside and outside and bundled with iron sheets. Wooden packing cases transported to Egyptian ports should be processed in advance and germicides should be placed inside the cases. The cases should be fumigated and smudged to kill insects. If insects are spotted, Egyptian customs will detain the cargo.

Shipping to Egypt Note:

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