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United Arab Emirates Trade Introduction:

UAE is one of the major oil producing countries in the world, mainly exporting petroleum, natural gases, petrochemicals, aluminium ingots and special local products while chiefly importing grains, machines and consumer goods. The total export-import volume in 2013 was 630.4 billion USD and GDP was 414.3 billion USD. Due to its location in desert, ocean shipping is the best choice for cargo to get to UAE.  

Important Notes about Customs of the United Arab Emirates:

UAE does not allow the following to be imported. Some require licences.

1. anaesthetic, including cocaine, heroin, poppy seeds, hallucinogenic drugs, etc.

2. cargo from boycotted countries.

3. Israeli products or products with Israeli trademarks or marks.

4. unprocessed ivory or rhinoceros horns.

5. gambling tools or instruments.

6. triplex fishing nets.

7. carvings, printed or lithographic printed matters, sculptures or statues of any material.

8. secondhand, renovated or inlaid tires.

9. radiation pollutants.

10. printed publications, oil paintings, photos, picture books or books, cards, stela sculptures or mannequins which contradict with Islamism or imply immorality or upheavals.

11. any import forbidden by customs laws or other laws of UAE.

12. counterfeit or duplicate currencies.

13. cooked or homemade foods.

Shipping to United Arab Emirates Note:

United Arab Emirates's major ports:

Flights to United Arab Emirates:

UAE has strong demand for daily necessities, electronics and luxury goods. Should there be any need, you can transport commodities by air to UAE.

Sowoll United Arab Emirates Port Services:

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