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Taiwan Trade Introduction:

Taiwan is highly developed economically. It is regarded as a developed region by many international institutions. The foreign exchange reserve of it ranks fifth in the world. SMEs are dominant in Taiwan. Most of the world's computer and electronic components are produced in this region. With a developed shipping industry, its foreign trade mainly relies on ocean shipping. 

Important Notes about Customs of the Taiwan:

After imports and exports are declared on the internet, the computer system of the customs will categorized declarations as C1 (discharged without inspection), C2 (discharged with document inspected) and C3 (discharged with goods inspected), depending on exporter grades, countries of origin, commodity natures, customs brokers and other screening conditions.

As to C1, exports can be laded and exported directly, while regarding imports, upon completion of duty payments, goods can be picked up with printed discharge notifications and bills of lading.

As to C2, after declarants make declarations online, paper declaration forms and original copies of other relevant documents should be submitted during working hours of the customs the next day. Goods will be discharged if they pass verification.

As to C3, apart from submitting paper declaration forms and original copies of other relevant documents within the required time, declarants should apply for inspection on goods with inspectors within ten days after declarations of imported goods. Then business units will verify the goods, valuate them on the basis of different categories, and discharge them if no problem.

Shipping to Taiwan Note:

Taiwan's major ports:

Flights to Taiwan:

There are two major international airports in Taiwan, namely Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport. They are located in the south and north of Taiwan, respectively.

Sowoll Taiwan Port Services:

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