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Vietnam Trade Introduction:

Since Vietnam has implemented opening-up and reform, its economy develops fast. Major trade partners for ocean shipping are the USA, Europe, ASEAN and Japan. Main imports include motorbikes, mechanical equipment and parts, textile raw materials, refined oil, steel and leather. Vietnam mainly exports cargo to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

Important Notes about Customs of the Vietnam:

Depending upon different types of commodities, import-export inspection and quarantine are in the charge of different departments. Health Department is responsible for foods and pharmaceuticals, while agricultural and rural development for animals and plants and other agricultural products.

According to relevant requirements by the customs, commodities can be placed in customs warehouses or at terminals at destination ports 30 days after unloading, or confiscated once beyond the time limit and then auctioned. Alternatively, upon application for export permission, unclaimed commodities can be free of tax within 6 months and be reexported under certain circumstance.

Shipping to Vietnam Note:

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