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The United Kingdom Trade Introduction:

The UK is a traditional developed country as well as one of the four largest economies in Europe. As an island country, ocean shipping is the major transportation means for foreign trade. Main imports of the UK include foods, fuels, raw materials, garments, shoemaking, electrical machinery and equipment, and automobiles. Chief exports include petroleum and relevant products, chemicals (pharmaceutical products included), tobacco, beverages and mechanical equipment.

Important Notes about Customs of the The United Kingdom:

As to LCL by ocean shipping to the UK, if bills of lading or manifest show N/M, a fine may be charged by the customs. Please emphasize the importance of shipping marks to clients and guarantee the consistency of descriptions on documents and the goods.

If there is any personal belongings/furniture or other personal property shipped to the UK, consignors must in advance apply to the UK government online and obtain the TOR (Transfer of Residences) document. Remember to present this document upon clearance.

The UK customs are strengthening the safety management of ports. If there are products, such as food stuffs, organic materials, animal by-products/veterinary cargo and plastic items, transported to the UK, consignors should confirm with consignees the completeness of all required import documents.

Shipping to The United Kingdom Note:

The United Kingdom's major ports:

Flights to The United Kingdom:

The largest airport in the UK is London Heathrow Airport. It is also one of the largest in Europe as well as in the world. Sowoll can simplify your air freight to the UK. 

Sowoll The United Kingdom Port Services:

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