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India Trade Introduction:

India is one of the countries growing fastest. The Indian market has enormous potential. It mainly exports commodities including finished products, primary products and petroleum products. Finished products mainly include textile products, jewelries, machinery, chemicals, leather and handicrafts. Primary products mainly include agricultural and mineral products. Petroleum products mainly include refined oil, crude oil and other petroleum products.

Imports mainly include petroleum products, electronics, gold and silver, machinery and chemicals.

Important Notes about Customs of the India:

Delhi Airport and Mumbai Port customs have been information based. Shipping bills and export-import declaration forms both must be submitted electronically.

In India, if exporters and importers have not obtained IEC (Importer and Exporter Code) granted by DFGT, goods are not allowed to be imported. But IEC is not required for imported goods for personal use.

Relevant formalities imported should be handled by persons in charge of transport vehicles, importers and agents.

Shipping to India Note:

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