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Italy Trade Introduction:

Italy is one of the four largest economies in Europe. It foreign output value occupies 40% of its GDP. The major trade partners are EU countries. Nowadays it is actively looking for trade partners from other regions. Exports mainly are mechanical equipment, automobiles, processed agricultural products, steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, household appliances, garments, shoes, precious metals and other industrial finished products.

Important Notes about Customs of the Italy:

If required by importers or letters of credit, certificates of origin should be provided. Sometimes the certificates can be included in invoices or bills of lading. They should be granted in duplicate by recognized chambers of commerce. Originals should be mailed to importers along with other documents, while copies and commercial invoices should be taken with goods. An additional set of invoice copies is usually needed for filling.

At least two sets of insurance forms are needed. As is required by Italian customs, goods imported at FOB prices must be insured in Italy.

Fines may be charged for wrongly declared imported goods, quantities, types or value upon customs declaration. A fine should not be less than 1/10 of the difference between the actual value and the declared value. It may also be up to the overall difference. A tolerance of 5% between a declared quantity or value and the actual parameter is allowed.

Shipping to Italy Note:

Italy's major ports:

Flights to Italy:

It is no more than three hours from Italy to main capital cities in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea by air. From the USA to Italy, it takes about 8 to 15 hours by the same means.

Sowoll Italy Port Services:

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