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Greece Trade Introduction:

Greece is the cradle of European civilization. Ocean shipping, tourism and immigrant remittance are the three major sources of foreign exchange earnings. The main exported commodities include foods, flue-cured tobacco, petroleum products, textile products, olive oil and cement. The chief imported goods include raw materials, petroleum and products, natural gases, daily necessities and transportation equipment.

Important Notes about Customs of the Greece:

Greece applies a CE mark to enforce unified safety standards within EU. CE certification is to prove compliance with EU's relevant product protection requirements and enforcement of EU's consistency identification procedures.

If goods has been transported across borders upon EEC Transit Formalities or Common Transit Formalities, copies of transit documents kept by the customs of destination ports can be used to declare transport vehicles. Under Simplified EEC Transit Formalities, shipping bills of air freight or ocean shipping can be used to declare transport vehicles.

Without permission from the customs, unloading is not allowed. Upon emergencies, out of consideration for safety, cargo can be discharged prior to the permission of the customs. But immediate reporting is needed for the cargo discharged at the port. When the customs requires unloading and inspection, cargo must be discharged.

Shipping to Greece Note:

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