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Spain Trade Introduction:

Located in the southwestern part of Europe and north of the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain is a country which must be passed by for ocean shipping to the Mediterranean Sea. As the fifth largest economy in EU, Spain has unique cultural traditions and splendid scenery. The demand for fruit and vegetable within EU are provided by Spain. Automobile manufacturing of Spain is powerful with 87% for export. Spain mainly imports petroleum, industrial raw materials, mechanical equipment and consumer goods. Its chief exports include automobiles, steel, chemicals, leather products, textile products, grape wines and olive oil.

Important Notes about Customs of the Spain:

Spanish customs requires that 4-digit HS CODE must be provided for goods destined for or via Spain. To enter the EU market, CE certification is needed. As Spain is an EU member, such certification also applies in Spain. 

Upon the arrival of cargo at EU ports, carriers shipping the cargo to EU, their agents, or carriers responsible for transportation after the cargo's arrival, should report the arrival of the cargo to the customs within 3 hours. If reporting comes across off hours, it should be made within 1 hour as from working hours.

In 24 hours after arrival reports are sent, the entry of transport vehicles should be reported to the customs by carriers shipping cargo to EU, carriers transporting cargo after arrival at ports, ocean shipping companies, airline companies and land transport companies, or the above parties' agents. Such reports can also be handled along with arrival reports. The form of C1600 should be applied to reporting the entry of transport vehicles. If necessary information required by C1600 has been included in some commercial documents or computer records, the customs can accept declaration by such documents or records.

Shipping to Spain Note:

Spain's major ports:

Flights to Spain:

There are more than 1090 ports in Spain. The major ones are Madrid Barajas Airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport and Barcelona Airport. If you have got urgent cargo to Spain, contact Sowoll for air freight.

Sowoll Spain Port Services:

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