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Turkey Trade Introduction:

Turkey faces the Black Sea on the north and the Mediterranean Sea on the south. Its geographic location is extremely important as it spans the Eurasia continent. Located at the intersection, it connects Europe and Asia. Exports of Turkey include electric power, garments, foods, textile products, metal products, transportation equipment. Imports include electric power, machinery, petroleum, chemicals, semi-finished products, fuels and transportation equipment.

Important Notes about Customs of the Turkey:

Since December 31 1995, Turkey has been a member of European Alliance of Customs. Tariff elimination is applicable for import and export between Turkey and other members and quota restrictions has been canceled.

Consistency of documents and consistency between documents and letters of credits are required for exports to Turkey. Any inconsistency may result in rejections and refusals of payments, even in the case of payments by letter of credit.

Upon arrival of goods at ports, without formal rejection notifications from consignees, goods are not allowed to be shipped back by exporters or transshipped.

If goods are placed in the customs for more than four months, they will be dealt with as unclaimed goods and the customs has the right to auction them. When auctions take place, original exporters are first purchasers.

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