Ocean Freight to China

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China Trade Introduction:

China ranks first in terms of industrial output value. For the first half of 2017, its industrial output value equals to the sum of the USA, Japan and Germany.
China has a large market with enormous potential. Many ocean shipping lines are destined for China. Ports in the country are the busiest in the world. Over a half of the world’s top ten ports are located in China. Chinese government is still investing in port modernization. Now China has the world’s largest automated unmanned port.
China has strong demand for automation equipment and electronic products. Textiles and mechanical and electrical products are also commonly traded products with China. Generally speaking, China’s imports and exports are very diverse.

Important Notes about Customs of the China:

1. Materials and types of packaging should be consistent with natures of packaged dangerous goods.
2. Packaging should be strong to weather general risks of waterway transport.
3. Seals of packaging should be consistent with natures of packaged dangerous goods.
4. Between interior and external packing, there should be adequate pads.
5. Packaging should be able to weather change of temperatures and humidity within a certain range.
6. The weights, sizes and types of packaging should be convenient for loading and unloading, transportation and storage. According to IMDG Code, the volume of packaging is up to 450 liter and the net weight is up to 400 kg.
Dangerous goods for ocean shipping include batteries, powders, liquids and gases.

Shipping to China Note:

China's major ports:

Flights to China:

Apart from ocean shipping, you can choose air freight in spite of the very expensive cost and higher requirements for the types of goods.
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