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Thailand Trade Introduction:

Foreign trade plays an important role in the national economy of Thailand. The foreign trade value of Thailand was 444 billion dollars in 2012 with export value accounting for 226.2 billion dollars and import value 217.8 billion dollars. Thailand's major trade partners are China, Japan, ASEAN, the USA and EU. Trade to Thailand mostly are completed through ocean shipping.

Main exports include automobile and parts, computers and components, integrated circuit plates, electrical appliances, primary plastics, chemicals, petrochemicals, jewelries, finished garments, shoes, rubber, furniture, processed seafood and cans, rice and cassava.

Main imports include mechanical an electrical products and parts, industrial machinery, electronic parts, automobile parts, construction materials, crude oil, paper manufacturing machinery, steel, integrated circuit plates, chemicals, computer equipment and parts, household appliances, jewelries, metal products, feed, fruits and vegetables.

Important Notes about Customs of the Thailand:

When goods are exported from or imported into Thailand, exporters or importers should submit goods declaration forms to the customs along with relevant documents, to go through clearance formalities. To facilitate the circulation of lawful goods, Thai customs provides two ways for declarations: declarations in paper form and those in EDI form.

Paper declaration forms and attached documents are submitted to the customs of entry ports in Thailand. The customs will examine whether form filling complies with norms, whether attached documents are complete and what kinds of duty rates are applicable, and valuate the goods. Thai customs will also examine electronic form filling once a red sign is shown by the EDI system.

Shipping to Thailand Note:

Thailand's major ports:

Flights to Thailand:

There are eight international airports in Thailand, which are important traffic hubs for air transportation in Southeast Asia. If you have got urgent freight to Thailand, you can choose air transportation.

Sowoll Thailand Port Services:

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