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Sri Lanka Trade Introduction:

Sri Lanka is one of the Commonwealth countries. Its most important export is Ceylon black tea and it is one of the three largest tea producing countries in the world. The geographic location of Sri Lanka is extremely superior and it serves as an excellent transshipment port for liners going across the Indian Ocean. Container ships to Sri Lanka mainly berth at Colombo Port and Hambantota Port. In Global Business Index released by World Bank, Sri Lanka is regarded as a gateway for foreign capital operation bases to enter emerging countries of its kind in the region.

Important Notes about Customs of the Sri Lanka:

Imports should be declared to the customs by customs agents and declarations should be submitted online.

Import customs declarations should be submitted upon arrival of cargo and after shipping documents are obtained from agents.

Apart from expenses mentioned in the tariff guide, additional customs declaration fees, FCL overtime charges and container packing fees will also be collected.

Shipping to Sri Lanka Note:

Sri Lanka's major ports:

Flights to Sri Lanka:

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