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Saudi Arabia Trade Introduction:

The self-sufficient rate of grain of Saudi Arabia is low with just over 20%. It is the largest barley importing country with the annual import volume of about 6 million tons. Petroleum is the economic pillar of Saudi Arabia who is the largest petroleum exporting country in the world. The import-export demand of staple commodities is satisfied through ocean shipping which is the major transportation means of the country’s foreign trade.

Important Notes about Customs of the Saudi Arabia:

Dammam as the destination or transit port, correct and complete information of consignees on bills of lading and shipping bills are needed. The information of consignees’ companies, including consignee name, consignee address, P.O. box, telephone number and fax, should be true and valid. Or goods may be shipped back to loading ports.

Goods arriving at Riyadh as the destination port via Dammam must be palletized, or the customs will charge a fine of SAR 1000.00 (USD267.00) /20' or SAR 1500.00 (USD 400.00) / 40'. Countries of origin must be indicated by shipping marks. The customs of Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh will compel goods without indication of countries of origin to be shipped back to departure ports.

Data of the separation of cases should be reported honestly.

As to goods whose ocean shipping charges are prepaid, if there are other expenses incurred in Saudi Arabia, such expenses must be specified on bills of lading, except for freight at destination.

As to goods destined for Riyadh, the total weight of a 20’ container should not exceed 24 tons, or the local railway administration will make the goods replaced in a 40’ container and charge additional USD500.0.

Shipping to Saudi Arabia Note:

Saudi Arabia's major ports:

Flights to Saudi Arabia:

If you have got a small quantity of urgent freight to Saudi Arabia, air transportation could be a solution in spite of a high cost.

Sowoll Saudi Arabia Port Services:

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