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Japan Trade Introduction:

Japan is a highly developed market with its electronic, automobile manufacturing and precision manufacturing industries being global leaders. Japan being the largest automobile producing country worldwide, automobiles manufactured by Japanese corporations surpass those by American as well as German counterparts. Japan is also the largest grain importer to EU. Japan mainly imports crude oil, natural gases, foods and raw materials. Its main exports include automobiles, electrical appliances, general machines and chemicals.

Important Notes about Customs of the Japan:

According to Tariff Law of Japan, in general, exported and imported commodities should be placed in tariff-free zones prior to customs declarations. When the customs receives import declarations, documents will be examined and the commodities will go through necessary inspection. Dutiable commodities, in principle, will be discharged by the customs upon duties paid by enterprises. Then the enterprises can pick them up.

According to the specific export declaration system, "special exporters" adhering to safety management and a risk control mechanism regarding legal compliance and approved by the chief of customs can directly apply to have their goods discharged without passing through tariff-free zones. The availability is subject to chiefs of customs of seaports and airports of goods storage places or seaports and airports from which goods are exported. In accord with Tariff Law of Japan, no duties are levied for exported goods and thus the workflow is relatively simple.

Shipping to Japan Note:

Japan's major ports:

Flights to Japan:

Haneda Airport and Narita Airport in Tokyo provide aerial arteries for Japan. Services of these two airports are world-renowned. Air freight to Japan is a good choice!

Sowoll Japan Port Services:

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