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South Africa Trade Introduction:

South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa and a member of BRIC. Its industrial system is the most comprehensive in Africa. South Africa is the largest gold producing and exporting country in the world. It is also a major diamond producing country. The main exports include gold, metal and products, diamonds, foods, beverages and tobacco, machines and transportation equipment, and other finished products. The chief imports include machinery, transportation equipment, chemicals and petroleum.

Important Notes about Customs of the South Africa:

Importers or their agents should declare imported goods in 7 days upon arrival (14 days for bulk cargo via ocean shipping, air freight or railway transportation and 28 days for container cargo in warehouses).

Cargo not declared or not within specified time may be detained by state-owned warehouses.

Declarants must fill in forms in specified forms to honestly and accurately declare goods, and pay duties for dutiable goods.

When the customs accepts declaration forms, relevant documents will need to be submitted and verified if necessary. To confirm whether tax amounts payable (tariffs and VAT) correspond to commodities, sometimes inspection may be needed.

Shipping to South Africa Note:

South Africa's major ports:

Flights to South Africa:

If you have got urgent parcels to South Africa, air freight is a good choice!

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