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Malaysia Trade Introduction:

Bordering Malacca Strait, Malaysia, with one thirds of the world's cargo shipped by sea passing by the country, is an important ocean shipping link in Southeast Asia. Malaysia is an agricultural and natural resource exporting country where petroleum is the major export. It is also the largest palm oil producer in the world. As one of the most potential markets, Malaysia is a country which you can ship cargo to with much less costs.

Important Notes about Customs of the Malaysia:

Documents for imported cargo space should be reported by carriers to the customs within the specified time upon transport vehicles' arrival at ports. Owners of imported goods, agents/agencies of the owners, and owners of or persons in charge of transport vehicles should be responsible for the imported goods until all clearance procedures have been completed with the customs and the goods are discharged. Documents for exported cargo space should also be reported prior to formal customs declarations. Owners of the transport vehicles or their agents should be responsible for exported goods.

All imported or exported goods, whether taxes should be paid or not, must be subject to declaration by filling in relevant forms in writing.

Shipping to Malaysia Note:

Malaysia's major ports:

Flights to Malaysia:

If you have go urgent parcels to Malaysia, air freight can be a choice!

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