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Canada Trade Introduction:

Canada is one of the Commonwealth countries. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean makes it developed in terms of the ocean shipping industry boosted by foreign trade. Its national territorial area ranks second in the world, while its population is not large. Canada mainly exports automobiles and parts, other industrial products, forestry products, metals and energy products. The chief imports of it include machinery equipment, automobiles and parts, industrial materials and foods. Its major trade partners are the USA, China, Japan and European countries.

Important Notes about Customs of the Canada:

Whatever kinds of convertible currencies are used for transactions, taxes will be paid after the total amount is converted into one in Canadian dollar according the exchange rate at the destination port. Deductible domestic taxes allowed by countries of origin or exporting countries specified on invoices can be deducted.

Canadian customs allows deductions based on the commissions for regional wholesalers. As to the discounts specified on invoices, Canadian customs make deductions depending on the heaviest one. Exporters must indicate allowances on invoices regarding Canadian ocean shipping expenses.

As to cheap general cargo sold in bulk or inferior goods, Canadian customs allows a 20% discount of originals prices. If commodities have normal prices domestically but lower prices when exported to Canada, such commodities will be regarded as dumped goods and anti-dumping duties will be levied.

Shipping to Canada Note:

Canada's major ports:

Flights to Canada:

Compared to ocean shipping, air freight undoubtedly is much more efficient. If you have got urgent freight, air freight is the best choice given that costs are affordable.

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