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Philippines Trade Introduction:

Philippines is a country in ASEAN with a population of over 100 million. To explore the market of ASEAN, shipping goods to Philippines by sea is an excellent springboard. Philippines mainly exports electronics, garments and relevant products, and electrolytic copper, while mainly importing electronics, mineral products, and transport and industrial equipment.

Important Notes about Customs of the Philippines:

Declaration should be conducted within 30 days after completing discharge of goods and no extension of time is allowed. Failing to declare goods will be regarded as abandonment of goods and the goods will be confiscated ipso facto.

Imported goods must contain the following: names of registered trademarks, registered trademarks, names of registered companies, addresses of producers or importers, main ingredients and net quantities. Some commodities may be subject to special regulations imposed by responsible government departments, which, for example, may be required to state clearly other characteristics.

All goods, except imported duty-free goods for which Philippine relevant departments have authorized foreign government agencies, are imported into Philippines in an official or nonofficial way.

Shipping to Philippines Note:

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