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France Trade Introduction:

France is the second largest agricultural products exporting country in the world, following the USA. Its total export-import volume ranks fifth worldwide. Its geographic location is superior, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore the ocean shipping industry is very developed. Le Havre is one of the base ports in Europe. Imports mainly include energies and industrial raw materials, while exports mainly include machinery, automobiles, chemicals, steel, agricultural products, foods, garments and cosmetics.

Important Notes about Customs of the France:

France is a country in EU and thus EU export-import laws apply here.

In 24 hours after arrival reports are sent, the entry of transport vehicles should be reported to the customs by carriers shipping cargo to EU, carriers transporting cargo after arrival at ports, ocean shipping companies, airline companies and land transport companies, or the above parties' agents. Such reports can also be handled along with arrival reports.

Upon approval for the entry, cargo enters designated temporary storage areas (no more than 45 days for cargo via ocean shipping and no more than 20 days for others) and can not be moved (except for moves to facilitate storage of cargo), opened or inspected until the permission of the customs.

Shipping to France Note:

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