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Russia Trade Introduction:

Russia mainly exports mineral products including petroleum and natural gases, metal and products, chemical products, machinery equipment and vehicles, gemstones and products, wood and paper pulp, etc. It mainly imports machinery equipment and vehicles, foods and agricultural raw materials, chemical products and rubber, metal and products, textiles and garments, etc.

Important Notes about Customs of the Russia:

In accord with Russian customs laws, declarants can only be Russian citizens. Foreign enterprises or goods owners can only commission customs agencies or agents to handle import declaration.

Goods owners or customs brokers should pay tariffs, including import tariffs, VAT and miscellaneous fees, in full and timely according to tax amounts calculated by the customs. Or they should go through guarantee formalities required by the customs.

When imported commodities have declared prices lower than risk price parameters, goods owners need to provide relevant documents to prove that the prices are agreed. If they are not presented, Russian customs will collect tariffs base on the lowest risk prices.

Shipping to Russia Note:

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