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Germany Trade Introduction:

Germany is the most populous country in EU as well as the largest economy in Europe with GDP ranking fourth globally. Ocean shipping and air freight are well developed and so is its high-end manufacturing. The representative industries include automobile manufacturing and precision machine tool manufacturing. The main exports include automobiles, machinery products, chemicals, communication technology, power supply and distribution equipment, and medical and chemical equipment. The main imports include chemicals, automobiles, petroleum and natural gases, machinery, communication technology and steel products. Ocean shipping is the most cost-effective way to explore the market of Germany.

Important Notes about Customs of the Germany:

As to general imported mechanical and electrical products, e.g. cutting tools, agricultural implements, machine tools, steel rolling equipment, agricultural machinery, tractors, office machines, electronic and electrical products, no trade restriction is imposed and no import licence is needed. An exception is bicycle import for which German importers need to apply for regulatory documents from government departments prior to import.

Taxes include tariffs and import VAT. For some specific commodities, anti-dumping duties are additionally needed. German customs specifies detailed tariff rates depending on different commodity items and tax regulations.

Germany applies a CE mark to enforce unified safety standards within EU. CE certification is to prove compliance with EU’s relevant product protection requirements and enforcement of EU’s consistency identification procedures.

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