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Korea Trade Introduction:

South Korea is the seventh largest exporting county as well as the seven largest importing country. Its foreign trade mainly focuses on steel, automobiles, shipbuilding, electronics and textiles which are the pillar industries of the country. Taking the leading position in the world are memories, LCD and PDP, flat panel display devices and mobile phones, and shipbuilding. 85% of South Korea's demand for grain relies on import. The ocean shipping line to South Korea is one of the busiest.

Important Notes about Customs of the Korea:

With the assistance of some discharge system, clearance of imported goods can immediately be completed upon arrival at ports. Such a system is able to approve the entry of raw materials and goods of highly honest manufacturers and foreign investment companies only by reporting simple goods information. Import declarations can be made in 10 days after discharge.

For quick clearance, the customs allows cargo ships to declare goods in advance before departing from departure ports. Upon arrival at destination ports, the imported goods can be discharged from the ships directly and transported to final destinations from terminals, such as production plants.

Shipping to Korea Note:

Korea's major ports:

Flights to Korea:

If you have got a small quantity of urgent freight to South Korea, air transportation could be a solution in spite of a relatively high cost.

Sowoll Korea Port Services:

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