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Belgium Trade Introduction:

80% of raw materials in Belgium are imports. More than 50% of industrial products in the country are for export. Ocean shipping is developed in Belgium with Antwerp located in the northern part of it being the second largest port in Europe as well as one of base ports in the region. Antwerp is also the larges diamond processing place in the world, thus called the City of Diamond. Exports and imports mainly include raw material products, transportation equipment, chemicals and foods.

Important Notes about Customs of the Belgium:

Belgium is a European country and EU export-import regulations are applicable here.

As to all commodities with a unit price of over 2,500 US dollars directly exported from the USA (including all US states and Puerto Rico) to Belgium, export statements must be presented by consignors.

All documents should be English versions.

Members of EEC and EFTA excluded, consignees need to provide certificates of origin of finished textile products or semi-finished products.

Shipping to Belgium Note:

Belgium's major ports:

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