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Brazil Trade Introduction:

Brazil is the country with the most powerful economy in Latin America. With a population of over 200 million inhabitants, it is a member of BRIC. It mainly imports machinery, electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, automobiles and parts and wheat. The chief exports include automobiles and parts, airplanes, steel, soybean, pharmaceuticals and mineral products (mainly iron ore).

Important Notes about Customs of the Brazil:

For all cargoes, customs clearance procedures are conducted through SISCOMEX. The clearance procedures starts with the filing of cargo declarations in SISCOMEX, and ends with  cargo clearance authorization granted in SISCOMEX.

According to risk analysis, Brazilian customs carries out sampling inspection on cargoes for clearance. Cargoes are categorized as green, yellow and red. Green indicates no inspection on cargoes and automated clearance applies. Yellow means that only submitted documents are inspected and if no problem, automated clearance applies. Red means that both clearance documents and cargoes need to be inspected prior to the completion of clearance.

Shipping to Brazil Note:

Brazil's major ports:

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