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Panama Trade Introduction:

Centrally located in Panama, Panama Canal connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. It plays an important role in international ocean shipping and serves as the dividing line between South America and North America. Panama Canal shipping, the regional financial center, Colon Free Zone and tourism support Panamanian economy. Trade deficits of Panama are large. Main imports include petroleum products, finished products, pharmaceuticals and foods.

Important Notes about Customs of the Panama:

Panama imposes no quota or licence for general imported commodities from other countries.

Foreign commodities can be imported as long as via ports specified by Panamanian Government with complete freight documents and with import duties and other ocean shipping charges paid.

It is required that imports go through customs clearance by customs brokers. Duty-free commodities, government procurement, diplomatic commodities and Panama Canal Authority procurement, commodities of ships passing by the canal and re-exported goods are not subject to the requirement.

Shipping to Panama Note:

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