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Australia Trade Introduction:

Surrounded by the sea, Australia is the only one country with territories covering the whole continent. Staple commodities can be freighted to Australia only by sea. Australia ranks first in the world regarding export of many kinds of minerals. It is also the country with the most grazed sheep and the most exported wool. The major trade partners of Australia include China, Japan, the USA, Korea, India, Singapore, the UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Germany and Malaysia.

Important Notes about Customs of the Australia:

For ocean shipping, the first goods declaration document should be Impending Arrival Report, IAR in short. Then Cargo List Report (CLR) and Sea Cargo Report (SCR) are needed. The above reports must be submitted prior to the arrival of goods at the first Australian port.

After every Australian port has received goods destined for it, Actual Arrival Report (AAR) must be submitted at each port. All cargoes shipped by sea must be discharged with Outrun Report.

Shipping to Australia Note:

Australia's major ports:

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