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United States Trade Introduction:

The USA is the only superpower, the largest importing country and the third largest exporting country in the world. The main exports of the USA include chemicals, machines, automobiles, airplanes, electronic information equipment, weapons, foods, pharmaceuticals and beverages. The chief imports include foods, garments, electronic equipment, machines, steel products, textile products, petroleum, natural rubber and metals such as tin and chromium. Major destination ports of the USA for ocean shipping are located on the east and west coasts.

Important Notes about Customs of the United States:

Imported goods entry to the USA is available after going through customs formalities. Goods directly placed in foreign trade zones (i.e. tariff-free zones) upon arrival do not need to go through customs clearance.

Imported goods should be declared by owners of goods, goods buyers or customs brokers. If goods are delivered to designated parties, it should be parties with ocean bills of lading or airway bills endorsed by consignors that handle declarations.

When goods arrive at ports, generally speaking, carriers, instead of the customs, should inform importers.

Shipping to United States Note:

United States's major ports:

Flights to United States:

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Sowoll United States Port Services:

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