Release time: Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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There will be a new member joining China Smart Logistic Network (CSN) built by Green hand. Russia's largest cargo airline, Airbridge Aviation,officially announced its participation.Airbridge Aviation will work together with Green Hand, strengthened the construction of the China Smart Logistic Network,and built a new cross-border logistics path for Sino-Russian and Central European SMEs.
It is reported that the Green Hand is accelerating the layout around the world,the goal is to build Smart Logistic Network like a high-speed rail so that it can build a global commercial infrastructure. Airbridge Aviation is part of the Volvo Dnieper Group in Russia. It is headquartered in Moscow and has a cargo fleet of 41 aircraft. It is the largest cargo airline in Russia and one of the largest cargo airlines in Europe.

After finishing the combination,Airbridge will jointly promote the scheduled flights from Hong Kong, Hangzhou and other places to the Green Hand to provide the best route resources for the small and medium-sized enterprises in Asia, Russia and Europe, and provide ground handling and roads. What's more, it will offer connect services and optimize transportation processes in order to  reduce transit times. 

“The future of air freight forwarding lies in the digital economy.New requirements are placed on technology, data and delivery.The key to winning a new market is how to provide efficient digital services.The Green Hand is creating a technology-driven logistics network. In this regard, he is a reliabel partner," said Tarjana, vice president of the Volga Dnepr Group.

Zhao Jian, general manager of Green Hand International,said: "We are very pleased that Airbridge Aviation has become our strategic partner. This will further enhance the air freight capacity of the Smart Logistic Network and provide more efficient cross-border logistics services for SMEs worldwide."

Europe and Russia are one of the largest export destinations for Chinese e-commerce and one of the main sources of imports from China. Different from ordinary air freight forwarding ,the number of e-commerce parcels is large and mostly small parcels.

The requirements for timeliness are high, and the customs clearance methods are also different, which puts new demands on air transportation efficiency.Previously, in order to help SMEs connect with the two major markets in Central Europe, the Green Hand has opened a number of e-commerce-specific intercontinental routes such as “Hangzhou-Moscow” and “Hangzhou-Liege”.

China Smart Logistic Network will also help Skybridge Airways embrace cross-border e-commerce, further expand its international business, and deliver packages to the world within 72 hours.Russian SMEs will also take good advantage of Smart Logistic Network to move from the local market to the world.

Now, the Green Hand has helped nearly 40 Russian local companies to expand their markets. By using this sercive,their goods can be delivered to Russia within 3 days. In the future, they will take the China Smart Logistic Network to the world.
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