Release time: Wednesday, September 05, 2018
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Chen Desheng, chairman of T.S. Lines, revealed that the company's board of directors has recently adopted a stock listing plan in Hong Kong. The choice of Hong Kong is mainly investment funds plentiful. Investors in Hong Kong are in more understanding of the long-term operation of ocean freight, fundraising is easier, and Hong Kong's corporate income tax is low. Dividend tax exemption is also an incentive, too. After the listing in the future, it will be more capable of making larger and longer-term investment plans.

He said that the parent company of T.S. Lines is located in Hong Kong. It is also a natural matter to list in Hong Kong. At present, the whole company is still in the planning stage. Due to the rapid changes in the shipping market, the board of directors has decided to accelerate preparations, but the time to market must be at the best time.

No matter which companies, like T.S. Lines, later to start their own business, it seems that the company is growing up. The company's annual revenue shows an ever-increasing growth line. Of course, for economies of scale, the cargo owner service, and the density and area of ​​the routes increasing, it is common that natural revenues continue to grow. So the past growth is not too esoteric business strategy.

However, the maritime market has undergone drastic changes in recent years. The major ocean-going market became oligopolistic, forming the three major maritime alliances. For small and medium-sized carriers, the development space is greatly squeezed, to continue growing is barely impossible.
But in fact, the long-term planning of T.S. Lines depends on the future development of the three major alliances. Their cooperation has just begun. We all don’t know its relationship development direction. The impact for small and medium-sized carriers is great. T.S. Lines will consolidate the areas with good operational performance and adapt to future opportunities and threats.

In 2010, T.S. Lines cooperated with the mainland's Hainan Pan Ocean Shipping to open up the US West Coast route. Will it return to the US market in the future? Chen Desheng frankly said that it mainly depends on the development of the three major alliances. The US line is helpful for a short-term profit, but if it is necessary to enter the US market, that is still a long-term strategy, but we will always be ready and more cautious.
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