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Release time: Wednesday, June 27, 2018
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Jacques Sarder, died on June 24th (Sunday) at the age of 81.Looking back his life, He contributed a lot to the maritime industry.
In 1978, Jacques Sarder moved to France, where he established the Maritime Corporation (CMA).At that time, he had only four employees and a boat serving between Marseille and Beirut.

In 1983, it was the first time to ship out of the Mediterranean Sea and cross the Suez Canal. In 1986, it started a service linking Northern Europe and Asia.

In October 1992, CMA-CGM officially landed on the Chinese market - CMA China. Since its establishment, CMA China has relied on the strong shipping strength of CMA Group making great progress. As well as, with the help of its global service network, China can also provide fast, high-quality, and efficient shipping services to Chinese customers in this period.

In 2005, because of successful acquisition, CMA-CGM became No. 3 container global carrier around the world. Nowadays, the CMA Group operates 244 container ships, of which 71 are self-owned vessels, with a loading capacity of 500,000 TEUS. And in this year, CMA-CGM contributed a total income of 5.7 billion euro becoming the rising star of the global shipping industry.

Jacques Sarder is a very visionary entrepreneur, who devoted his whole life to the CMA-CGM. In the past 40 years, with his boldness, decisiveness and action, he has led the CMA Group to become a world-leading company. His ambitions made him always in progress. Besides integration of CMA and CGM, the acquisition of APL also showed his excellent ability to capital operations.
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