There Is a New Rule that Container Trailer Industry Need to Attention! | Sowoll

Release time: Friday, June 22, 2018
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All freight forwarding companies attention please! There is only 10 DAYS left before the “Shenzhen Blue” non-compliant trailer forbidden. As an important part of the international shipping logistics chain, export companies, freight forwarders and shipping companies have also given more attention to the possible impact of this new regulation!

The content of this new regulation is from July 1, 2018, diesel trucks that do not meet the national IV emission standards (including vehicles without key environmental protection components) are prohibited from entering the eastern and western port areas.

At present, there may be nearly 10,000 trailers in Shenzhen that do not meet the National IV emission standards! Many people think that if the new regulations are implemented on July 1, some container trailers may be "laid off." The industry has expressed great concern that there may be short of container trailers in the future.

This new regulation has been passed for more than two months. Is it possible to encounter the situation of short trailers supply, it depends on the market conditions.
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