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Release time: Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Insiders pointed out that the e-commerce giants have been rushing into the logistics field, which was born out of new retail sales. However, for another deeper perspective, logistics will become an important new type of infrastructure construction opportunities. If someone can win this competition, it means who will maintain a strong long-term competitive advantage.
With the approaching of 618, the real-time logistics war started. Suning.com "preemptively rushed ahead of schedule" started the mid-year big promotion. It is reported that as of 12:00 am on June, 1, the rate of completion of "preemptive" order has reached 99.9%. Suning's AGV robots have also entered a big rhythm of promotion. Facing crazy refreshing commodity orders, the robotic warehouse group picks more than 5,000 parcels per hour on average, and the fastest time is just 10 minutes for parcel selection.

The Rookie network announced on June 6 that "New Logistics" will fully face the first "big parade" of the T-mall 618. It is understood that on the eve of 618, the Rookie stores will be delivered cover more than 100 cities in 30 provinces across the country. Among them, as the first 618 of the new logistics, the minute delivery has covered fresh, beautiful makeup, Maternal and child care, fast food, clothing, medicine, and other categories, and it also covers from the first-tier cities and second-tier cities to the third and fourth tier cities.
The accelerated pace of urban life, the blowout of immediate demand, and the popularity of fresh produce make minute-level delivery ready. The more immediate delivery needs arise, the more necessary for express delivery and logistics distribution companies to adjust their own models and operational mechanisms.

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