Again! Trump decided to impose tariffs on Chinese goods which are worth $50 billion! | Sowoll

Release time: Friday, June 15, 2018
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According to the Singapore United Morning Post, US officials revealed that President Trump has decided to impose "significant" tariffs on Chinese goods. At the same time, China warned that if the United States chooses to exacerbate trade tensions, China is ready to fight back.

U.S. officials and sources said that because the United States and North Korea have established a direct dialogue channel, Trump no longer believes that China’s influence on North Korea is a reason for him not to impose tariffs. Trump showed him determination and said: "I must do what I need to do to balance the trade deficit."

Therefore, it is estimated that Trump will take major trade actions against China in accordance with the original plan, and goods in this conditions are worth about $50 billion. However, sources said that the number of affected goods will be reduced from the previously announced 1300 to about 900.
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