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Release time: Tuesday, June 12, 2018
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The business volume index of China Logistics Prosperity Index (LPI) came in at 56.1 in May, up from 54.6 in April.1 10 of the 12 sub-indices were in expansionary zone in May.
The business volume index rose by 1.5 pts from the previous month to 56.1 in May, indicating an acceleration in the growth of logistics activities in the month.

Meanwhile, the new orders index went up from 52.9 in April to 54.5 in May, showing that the new orders for logistics services have increased at a faster pace recently. The employment index rose slightly from 51.7 in April to 51.8 in May, indicating a mild increase in the employment in the logistics sector in May.
In the meantime, the capacity utilization index remained above the critical 50-mark, registering 56.0 in May. Logistics enterprises have seen enhanced utilization of their facilities lately.
It seems that this statistics show that logistics enterprises have been optimistic about the business outlook for the next three months.
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